Ford 2003-2010 5R110

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5R110   2003- 2010 Ford 

Stage 2
This is our Towing/Performance transmission. It was designed for trucks that have a chip, air intake and exhaust.  It is rated to tow up to 12,000 pounds and up to 400 hp at the tires. The Build includes the following: New Single Disk Billet Cover torque converter, New Ford Center Support, Raybestos GPZ Clutches and regular steels, Fully Modified Redline Front Pump, New Bearings, Bonded Pistons, Gaskets, Seals, etc. All new OE Solenoids and Trans Temp sensor. Build Price $ 3500.00

Stage 3
I designed this build to handle towing over 12,000 pounds, up to 600 hp at the tires.The Build includes the following: Goerend Billet Stator 3 Disk Torque Converter, Raybestos GPZ clutches with Kolene Steels Throughout with added clutch capacity in Overdrive, Direct, Forward and Intermediate Packs, No walk Center Support, New Bonded Pistons, New Bearings, New Gaskets, Seals, All New OE Solenoids and Sensors, New Direct Drum, Fully Modified Front Pump, Deep Capacity Transmission Pan. Build Cost $ 4995.00


Aermet Billet Input Shaft $599.00

Billet Flex Plate $550.00

Billet Revers Hub $399.00