Allison A-1000 2001-present

Tag: GM

Stage 3

I designed this transmission for every one that is running a tuner, or EFI live.  It is rated for 550 rear wheel horsepower.  This is not a kit slapped in a used transmission.  This Build includes All new Raybestos GPZ clutches in every pack with increased clutch count in C-1, C-2, C-3 AND C-4. New bearings, Gaskets, Bonded Pistons, Seals, Upgraded C-2 Piston apply and release on 5 speeds, Redline high pressure valvebody and front pump, and a Goerend 3 Disk Billet Low Stall 105x Converter! Build Cost $ 4200.00


This build is designed for the customer that has a tuner, or EFI live, and Wants room to grow into bigger injectors, Turbo or a built engine. This build will hold 750RWHP. This Build includes All Raybestos GPZ clutches in every pack with additional clutches in C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, and C-5. New bearings, Gaskets, Seals, Bonded Pistons, New Valvebody Harness, Pressure switch, Upgraded C-2 Piston Apply and Release, Redline High line Pressure Pump and Valvebody, Goerend Triple Disk Custom Stall Billet stator converter and a Mag Hytec extra capacity Transmission Pan.  Build Cost $ 4995.00

Stage 5

This build is designed for trucks making up to 1000 hp at the wheels.  This build is the same as the stage 4 with the addition of a Billet input shaft, Intermediate Shaft, and Output Shaft. This build has the maximum Line Pressure and clutch count that you can fit in an Allison! We spec out a Goerend 3 Disk Billet Stator Torque Converter and a Billet Flexplate with this build. Build Cost $7900.00

Transmission Add ons

- Billet Flex Plate $695.00

- Billet input shaft $750.00

- Billet Intermediate shaft $699.00

- Billet output shaft $699.00

- Deep Transmission Pan $300.00


Redline Diesel Power Duraflite

This is a 47RE transmission out of a Dodge  that we have built and modified to install behind a Duramax.  It has all billet internals, stand-alone valve body, etc.  It weighs about 150 pounds less than the Allison, it is more consistent when you are making 800 plus hp.  It will make your Duramax faster and more consistent at the track. Starting at $ 8500.00